Monday, June 06, 2011

YouTube Trying to Finance Celebrity Content

It seems there are a lot more details being share behind the scenes on how this "professional content" system is intended to work. Specifically, here's what All Things Digital found out about the proposal YouTube is making to celebrities: The author is careful to point out that these are the details being offered by YouTube only to this one maker of "professional content," and can't necessarily be extrapolated to the rest of the people YouTube is pitching.
I'm sure most actors and actresses in Hollywood have ideas or scripts they'd love to make on their own, if only they could get a studio to bankroll it. And now here's YouTube, offering a pretty darn big bankroll, with no restrictions on content variety or length.
...a lot of this could change before anything becomes official.
Content can come from anywhere. In this age of rapidly expanding video technology and increasing video production, we're seeing quality online entertainment content from amateurs and brands alikeā€¦ why can't it also come from companies that used to be primarily about distribution? It can, and it will

(from More Details On YouTube's Pursuit Of Celebrity Channels & Professional Content).

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