Sunday, March 08, 2015

Keep Your Eyes On the Long Game

photo taken by David August of a sunset with the words below superimposed
Keep your eyes on the long game. No distractions, no matter how tempting they may be or the opiate effect they provide. -@MysteryCr8tve

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comments: Acting tips:

Know your type.

Read acting books.

Keep track of your contacts.

Get advice from other actors.

Audit acting classes before signing up.

Sign with a talent agent and a manager.

Attend acting classes, workshops and showcases.

Keep casting directors up to date with your work.

Have a lawyer look over contracts prior to signing.

Hand out your business cards to valuable contacts.

Build your resume and showreel with unpaid work.

Have a game plan based on milestones, not a calender.

Network. It's all about who you know and who knows you.

Work as an extra on different types of film and television sets.

Volunteer at casting offices, film productions and film festivals.

Attend acting conventions and stay on top of news and events.

Be available for discovery. Go to plays, movies and industry parties.

Send thank you notes to agents, casting directors, producers and directors.

Self-submit for auditions; send out headshot, resume, cover letter and showreel.

The formula to success: Beauty, talent, charisma, confidence, hard work and persistence.

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