Monday, March 19, 2012

Network Revenues from New Media Are Growing

Residuals when a network show is released to consumer-paid new media are calculated as a percentage of distributor’s gross, so the fact that Moonves pointed to those deals as a noteworthy revenue stream for CBS suggests that new media license fees are growing.
That may prompt eagle-eyed guild staff to keep an eye out for the residuals checks that should follow. It will take sharp eyesight, though, because the checks are barely discernable [sic]. As an example, the WGA's 2011 annual report indicates that new media reuse accounted for only about one percent of total residuals in 2010 ($3.85 million of $315.81 million). Although those residuals grew at a rate much higher than did residuals overall, the numbers are likely to remain small for quite some time

(emphasis added, from The Hollywood Reporter).

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