Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Workshops Are Costly

A friend posted online ...after spending $1,200 on 23 casting director workshops in 10 months... they have been called in for a student film. A $1,200 short film self-produced and done well may advance things more than this. Workshops can work, but are exceedingly capital intensive compared to other methods. Yes, I know someone who spent $30,000 on workshops, and combined with other efforts did book a great recurring role, but I'm not sure the return on investment made them break even until a few years residuals came in.

Also note the friend who paid to go to a workshop with a casting director who knew them. When the casting director saw them they said to the actor you're a good actor, you don't have to pay to get seen. Workshops can "work," but are a very expensive (capital intensive) way to pursue things. As with all things in our careers, caveat actor.

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