Sunday, May 17, 2009

SAG TV/Theatrical Contract Will Be Mailed Tuesday

After more than a year of negotiations, ballots for the tentative agreement reached between SAG and the AMPTP for television programs, motion pictures and new media formats will be mailed on Tuesday, May 19.
We urge you to carefully read the materials and to cast your vote. The SAG National Board of Directors and negotiating team are recommending that you VOTE YES on this tentative agreement.
The agreement includes an immediate increase in wages of 3%, followed by another 3.5% increase next year. We also achieved an additional .5% in pension contributions, raising the total P & H producer contribution to 15%. Background actor’s jobs will go from 19 to 20 in television in the Western Zone, and up to 55 from 50 in motion pictures. We have also established rates and working conditions for new media platforms, including provisions for residuals in made-for-new media programs, and residuals for streaming and downloading of features and television shows.


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