Thursday, March 12, 2009

Actors and Big Media

The issue is Fox TV's recent announcement that they plan to do away with re-runs and simply place their content on the web for a 'second run.'
The reasoning behind this decision is that putting product on the internet is a way (if they win the fight with the unions) that production companies can avoid paying actors residuals.
No matter how we feel, the die is cast. They are in the 'cut expenses or die' mode - and their main strategy is 'union busting.'
Here's my solution: Let’s get busy making our own stuff.
The big boys have only recently discovered the web - and they think it works just like the old media - they'll simply be able to control it as they have with TV, film, etc.
Those of us who use the web every day, know better

(from The Show Biz). You can read some of my thoughts on how to make and distribute video online or contact me if you need help on a project.

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this posted by David August at 9:51 PM 

comments: You make an excellent point. The web is the one place where actor-filmmakers or actor-writers can compete with the money guys.

So many actors have helped found storefront theatres, but rent is so much cheaper on the web and anything you put online can reach millions instead of hundreds.

Yes, money making is harder... but most small theatres survive, they don't make big money.

# posted by Blogger Ashlley Elias : 3:11 PM  

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