Monday, February 23, 2009

Pilots Ordered, many AFTRA

The CW, Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC have all ordered their pilots.

Once the odd man out during broadcast networks' winter pilot season with an occasional multicamera pilot, AFTRA is dominating the field this year with at least 50 of the 70-plus broadcast pilots to be produced coming under its jurisdiction

(from's blog).

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Broadcast Quality TV on the Internet in 2009

Leo Burnett, the Chicago-based agency ranked as the 9th largest worldwide [ad] agency in 1998 says that

2009 will signal the tipping point for broadcast quality television on the internet

(since their blog automatically plays sound, so I don't link to them). I think they refer to the audience use of the broadcast quality TV online; it has been available online since early last year, but the audience was initially small.

Being paid residuals for TV online is a central issue in SAG's negotiations with the Producers (the AMPTP).

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Successful Auditions

I believe that actors have to find a way to enjoy themselves whether they book the job or not. We have to find ways to enjoy auditions, and as hard as it is, as counter intuitive as it is, we just can't make success or failure about booking the job. We have to make success or failure about enjoying ourselves. We have to enjoy the process of creating the character, preparing the audition, and then giving the people on the other side of the desk whatever our take on the character is. We absolutely cannot go in there and try to give them what we think they want. The way we stand out, and the way we enjoy it whether we are hired or not, is to take the material, prepare it, and find some way to make it our own

(from WWdN: In Exile).

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Work on Stuff that Matters

Ways to keeping focused on what is important, not just what is urgent:

  1. Work on something that matters to you more than money.
  2. Create more value than you capture.
  3. Take the long view.

(from O'Reilly Radar). I highly recommend the whole post even if it is tailored to those who work in technology.


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