Thursday, July 17, 2008

SAG Says New Media is Now

SAG writes in an email, under the headline "It's Not New Media - It's NOW Media":

In the six months since the Directors Guild of America reached a deal with the AMPTP, the landscape in digital media has dramatically shifted. The seven global conglomerates that own the motion picture studios and television networks are so confident in digital media prospects, that they are putting up huge dollars to fast track their technology deals
What some among our employers - the major global media conglomerates - insist on terming "new media" it's really "now media." It is urgent, instant and immediate. That's why achieving a fair compensation formula now, in all forms of media, and confirming jurisdiction from the first dollar of the production budget, are core objectives of the SAG national negotiating committee.

There were about 12 Billion videos viewed online in May, the month before last, by Americans. You can also read SAG's whitepaper about New Media (PDF) which after page one is a list of the major studios' online video developments since the Directors Guild deal.

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