Saturday, July 12, 2008

Once the Contract is Done Will Things Change?

After the 2000 SAG/AFTRA commercial strike, actors started to be owed residuals for radio commercials aired online. This made streaming radio online cost far more than it had previously, and many stations stopped streaming online all together, or had to replace the ads with something else (or pay the actors). Once SAG and the AMPTP have struck a deal, will online TV commercials have a comparable streamlining or correction? Please comment with your thoughts.

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this posted by David August at 3:01 PM 

comments: To a small extent, smaller players online will drop actors, because for non-brand advertising, testimonials are more effective than presentation or pantomime, which use actors. To the extent that branded products corporations -- and their agencies -- will pay well for anything which lets them do business as usual (no matter whether it is effective), there will continue to be a lucrative market for actors to dramatize brand messages.

But the takeaway must be this: All the parties in the negotiation contemplate an online world dominated by "established players" -- which is to say, a world from which 'net neutrality' has disappeared. That means a less competitive environment. And that means, ultimately, a less relevant, and less successful industry.

2008 will be chronicled as the year of many hands grabbing for bigger pieces of a shrinking pie, and none doing anything about the things which are making shrink.

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