Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Axium Payroll Files for Bankruptcy

Axium International Inc., the entertainment industry's third-largest payroll services and accounting firm, filed for liquidation bankruptcy and shuttered its offices in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and London
(from The Associated Press, via International Herald Tribune). If they owe you money, or you have an uncashed check from them, SAG suggests via email today:
It is unlikely that outstanding Axium checks will clear their bank at this point...If possible, we recommend keeping a copy of any checks and attempting to cash them in person at the issuing bank to avoid fees...the signatory producer will remain liable to the performer for any unpaid wages resulting from dishonored or non-issued Axium checks...For Performers actively working on projects that are being payrolled by Axium, you or your agents should immediately contact the production to ensure that alternate payroll arrangements are being made to ensure timely payment.
The SAG Axium Bankruptcy hotline is (323) 549-6450. Caveat actor.

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