Monday, December 10, 2012

Netflix, Hulu and YouTube Making More Original Shows

For the streaming companies, the move into original content is as much to do with economics. Currently, major studios are hiking licensing fees or shunning many exclusive contracts.
It's a classic television network move, [David] Cryan [, director of digital media at IHS Screen Digest] told TheWrap. It's what dragged MTV from music videos to 'Jersey Shore' and HBO from having exclusive windows on movies to making 'Game of Thrones.' It is a tried and tested technique that is driven by a need to establish identity and to have control over their destiny by not being reliant on others for content.
At the start of every season, Netflix releases all of a show's episodes simultaneously. The move is a nod to the binge habits of its members, Netflix says, who prefer to see an entire season in a few sittings as opposed to tuning in for the latest episode at a particular time every week

(from The Wrap).

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this posted by David August at 9:30 AM 

comments: When Netflix had the Starz contract it released weekly episodes of Spartacus: Blood & Sand - I enjoyed watching it weekly. I don't know if that was a Starz thing but now in watching The Walking Dead... I've got to wait until next year to see what is happening in this season...

# posted by Blogger @deyanira : 10:08 AM  

I know what you mean, and it seems some shows still are doing DVD style release schedules. I'm guessing they have reasons for that, contractual or otherwise. But it does seem needlessly old fashioned.

# posted by Blogger David August : 12:42 PM  

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