Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazon Studio Fine Print

Jesse Harris has some good comments about Amazon Studio:

If you submit a script or "test movie" as they are calling it, you give Amazon an exclusive 18-month option for your project without any pay. Meaning you can't pitch or sell your idea to anyone else during that 18-month period.

Many scripts may end up submitted as a last ditch effort; it may become the dumping ground for dead scripts. Thanks to Dana Brunetti for tweeting about Jesse's post.

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this posted by David August at 11:41 AM 

comments: David, I hate pitching. That's why I love Amazon. I love to write. Once I've written a story, I prefer to move on. Marketing sucks the life out of me. Creative writing is a natural high. I loathe the idea of having to do interviews on TV or any of the trappings of fame. Simplicity is my M.O. in lifestyle. There's a reason why great creative souls like Hendrix and many others died in their vomit, self-medicating, when they hated the trappings of fame. So, you see why it's worth it to me to post my work at Amazon (where I also sell my novels and short stories and get paid royalties every month--they pay when readers BORROW my books from their worldwide library--no other site respects writers as much as Amazon, imho). I earn money every month, and spend only a few minutes a month doing promotional stuff whenever I feel like it. Time is currency. Creative energy is worth more to me than a few more numbers in my bank account. Sincerely,

Carma Chan (aka Dillon)
Author and Screenwriter

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