Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crying Over Tears

Once in High School while sitting in class another actor and I had a "competition" between ourselves to see who could cry first; I won. It was a good way to amuse ourselves during class, a parlor trick. Nice to win, occasionally useful, and rewarding in a "cool, I did it" kind of way, but in the end unneeded.

Crying on cue is professionally irrelevant, even if there are people in the industry who think otherwise. Menthol Tear Sticks have been used in Academy Award winning performances, so clearly chemically prompted tears can get the job done. The reality is that while many people, especially those not in the profession, are awed by seeing actors' ability to cry on cue, which is nice, crying-on-cue is not the be-all-end-all of acting.

Avoiding blindness by being safe with the methods you use to achieve tears by not using untested chemicals like onions or breath spray is worth considering.

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