Thursday, July 30, 2009

'A Noise Within' Garage Sale Saturday

A Noise Within, the Southern California theatre company, today announced they will hold a garage sale on Aug. 1. Expect to find huge discounts costumes, furniture, set pieces, props, curtains of every size, and yards upon yards fabric

details in their press release PDF.


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Internet Celebrity vs Offline Celebrity

And so the move online changes how we make art, but the road ahead there is uncharted and perilous. In the old model, young creatives dreamed of entertaining the millions, but in practice they could do so only by first pleasing a small group of gatekeepers: established figures who controlled access to the audience and, in doing so, protected young people from that audience, its obsessions and desertions, its adoration and its scorn. These old hands had to worry about the numbers, of course, but they rationalized the upticks and downticks through a certain set of professional values, which they themselves spent years imbibing and which they in turn pressed upon their wards.
Online, though, the audience can be yours right away, direct and unmediated - if you can figure out how to find it and, what's harder, to keep it


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