Monday, June 22, 2009

Your Success Will Be Unique

A group of masterminds from Wharton came to Hollywood to study the business model, figuring they could analyze and demystify it. They applied every 'rule' of business to what they witnessed in agents' offices, pitch meetings, casting sessions, producer lunches, and studio powwows only to leave Hollywood scratching their collective business head. There is no science to the entertainment industry. That is why it's so important to remember that your path is unique. Reading about others' experiences is of value, commiserating with other actors is also of value, but none of it provides a recipe for your success

(first emphasis added, from The Actors Voice: Return on Investment).

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this posted by David August at 2:38 PM 

comments: Your Blog is filled with great tidbits of information. I'm looking forward to reading future "articles".

Denyse Parks
Park Avenue Marketing & Management

# posted by Anonymous Denyse M. Parks : 6:08 PM  

dig it. unique sounds much better than frustrating. :)

# posted by Anonymous kate rene gleason : 12:38 AM  

Awesome Blog

# posted by Anonymous TV, Bitch! : 12:17 PM  

The reason why those business students couldn't figure out Hollywood has to do with the nature of the performing arts: They do not follow any business model, ever.

# posted by Anonymous Douglas Stambler : 3:44 PM  

I may have to disagree. While performing arts are not all about business models, the millions of people who make their livings in show business are following the 'gather people together to sell them stuff' business model in one way or another.

# posted by Blogger David August : 9:43 PM  

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