Monday, June 22, 2009

Demo Reels' Affect on Actors Access Submissions

Q: I was recently told that when submitting to a casting breakdown via Actors Access or Breakdown Services, actor profiles that contain a demo reel are automatically listed first when the CD is viewing the submissions, regardless of whether or not the actor physically fits the role and ignoring the first-come-first-serve basis. [Is this true?]
A: Casting can sort/arrange submissions but yes, actor submissions who have video will list first unless casting has chosen otherwise. Video is most telling (how one looks on camera, how they sound, movement, etc.) and today's online technology makes popping open a video as simple as once was clicking a photo for an enlarged view. It 'can' make a difference.
A CD I know has a good success rate with two particular agencies so he tends to first sort by those agencies (video or not) and then view more submissions. Everyone works their own way, it would be hard (impossible) to generalize it

(from darkpwca and ShowfaxBob's forum posts).

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this posted by David August at 2:17 PM 

comments: Wouldn't it be better if Casting Directors wanting to use SAG actors use iActor? (and AFTRA make an equivalent) Pics, resume, demo reel it's all there and our dues paid for it. It's like once a week there's a "new" place to submit online and if one picture isn't enough, it's two or three,four and then there's skill clips and other clips and a full demo reel. WHEN are actors going to say enough is enough? Why are we so willing to "do what everyone (other actors, acting coaches and our agents who seem to be so limited that they can't pick up the phone and pitch us) tells us" which means opening our wallets for these roles that are not even the cream of the crop? Why am I paying to have all these things on my profile and to submit for roles that don't pay if they pay at all?

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 7:12 AM  

I'm so sick of that too! Our union/s should be getting these scams out of the way for us.

Follow the money,

# posted by Anonymous Dunkin Davis : 2:11 PM  

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