Saturday, June 06, 2009

Could Downturn Be Good?

Our current media ecosystem is a tree farm, not a rainforest. The soil is poor, the ground is packed, the sunlight is blocked and there's plenty of scrubby undergrowth in the way. But a fire changes all that overnight.
The few alternatives that have taken root exist today in the shadows of that tree farm and must struggle for leftover resources. But let a fire race through it and see what happens: Nutrients are released to the soil. Light bursts through holes in the canopy. Healthy young seedlings stand a chance against opportunistic weeds that have adapted to life in the half-lit-margins.
Tree farms and other artificial monopolies are not healthy, but you don't get from a tree farm to a healthy climax forest without a nice cleansing fire first

(from The fire that frees the seed).

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