Monday, October 29, 2007

Short Films Selling Online

More people than Pixar are now making money with shorts online.
Creators of short films (40 minutes or less) have finally found an audience through such online sites as iTunes, and San Francisco's Frameline Films and, which specializes in distributing independent films. And those sites are even starting to bring a revenue trickle to older shorts that audiences are unearthing online
(from SF Gate). I've made money with Revver. There are some YouTube partners with whom Google shares the ad revenue from made from views of the partner's videos. Perhaps the shorts we've all done will come out of the woodwork and go online.

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this posted by David August at 6:34 AM 

comments: Did you make this snowman film? If so, great. Tell me more about your process

# posted by Blogger Ben Zolno : 6:31 PM  

Yes, I did make that Snowman film I linked to in the post. I can tell you a lot, if you'd like. Here's a very short version: I came up with the premise/idea, then I built the snowmen, and I shot a bunch of footage (including many things that didn't end up in the final edit). I edited the visuals, and then made the soundtrack (e.g., dialog, sfx and music) myself; it was sort of the reverse of animation since the picture was locked first, and then the sound was finished. The whole process took maybe 6 hours or so (if memory serves). iMovie is not built for that kind of work. If you want more info, contact me directly; I don't want to overload this blog's comments with that info.

# posted by Blogger David August : 3:41 AM  

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