Monday, December 18, 2006

Stats on Submissions

Casting director Bonnie Gillespie shares some numbers from a recent casting (she points out ...this is all Actor Mind Taffy, so don't overthink any of this. Just enjoy and observe.):
Of the actors we saw at prereads, 75% use staples to attach their headshots and resumés, 12% do NOT attach them, 6% print the resumés onto the backs of the headshots, 3% glue them on, and another 2% brought no resumé at all (just a photo). Only eight actors didn't bring a headshot at all! Word's getting out!
About 3% of actors don't have contact information on their headshots and resumés. And 72% of actors trim their resumés to the size of their headshots. Only 13% of actors have horizontal headshots (another 8% do that cool horizontal on the vertical style I love so much). Color headshots came in at a whopping 92%.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Alexandra Billings on Funny

Comedy has a distinct rhythm. Comedy is much like music. It has a string section, a percussion section, and a libretto. It must be followed. It must be adhered to. If a joke is going along, and there’s a bump in the road, whose ever driving better be one of those generous musicians that’s able to sight read and know what a rest is. That way, they can fake it, still in the correct stanza, and allow their partner to pick it back up until they meet at the end of the same measure.
Comedy is that particular
(from Stillettos and Sneakers).

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