Saturday, July 01, 2006

Actors and the Internet

As it has for professionals in all fields, the Internet has become an invaluable resource for performers to land jobs and make connections seemingly overnight. The proliferation and popularity of inexpensive Web-only series and 'mobisodes' (content created for mobile devices) has been a boon to nonunion actors. The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have also recognized the importance of online media, making negotiations for residuals from content rebroadcast on the Web and mobile phones a priority.
Some actors aren't simply waiting to be cast in 'webisodes' and shorts. Many are using sites such as YouTube and MySpace to post their amateur films, reels, and résumés, and even to audition for roles being cast across the country. This course of action is already starting to work for Stevie Ryan, an Orange County, Calif., actor who has posted almost 30 self-made videos under the name 'littleloca' on YouTube and MySpace. In the shorts, Ryan plays Loca, a Southland Latina gangsta girl blogging her life. Loca has become such a fixture on YouTube that other users post video replies to her and even parodies of her shorts


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