Friday, March 25, 2016

Nose to Spite Face

I'm so glad that [film or tv show] did poorly at the box office/got canceled, because I have written/am attached to something very similar to it...

And what, they were stealing your thunder? No. They weren't. They were the example your business plan could've used to justify people giving you their money to make your thing. A rising tide raises all ships. Cheering the failure of anything in media or entertainment is hard to not put squarely into the category of bitterness.

Sure, we all have shows or projects we aren't personally fans of, or that didn't reach their potential or we otherwise just don't like. But keep your negative comments to yourself. Not only do they make your own projects less possible (self-interest), and they also may offend anyone who touched the project (common politeness) who you may want to hire you, recommend you or fund you, but also: feeding the negative, giving complaints your voice, and maybe even your online platforms and name, make your world worse, make it more sad and less positive (your quality of life).

Sure, maybe thus and such a project falls sort of its potential, and misses the mark artistically. Learn from it and hope they make their money back so everyone has a chance, including you and your friends, to make more stuff. I saw one too many people on my social media feeds today cheering projects' failures, failures that translate into other people's lost jobs, lost income and artistic heartbreak. Be nice.

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this posted by David August at 4:34 PM 

comments: David - I enjoyed this. It's important that we cultivate a spirit of helpfulness in the theater community. To me, that is at the heart of true creativity. Best, Will

# posted by Anonymous Will Dordal : 6:11 AM  

Thanks Will. I agree, we can all help each other and do better work together.

# posted by Blogger David August : 12:27 AM  

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