Friday, January 23, 2015

Scammer Called Out

Me: Hello?
Other person: Hi, I'm [name removed to protect the guilty]. I'm from ['agency' name], and we'd like you to come to our auditions. We're having auditions at [theatre name] on thus and such a date and time, and we'd like you to come in.
Me: Sounds great!
Other person: Okay. And please bring your headshot and resume.
Me: Great, looking forward to it. See you then...
Other person: And we're asking actors to bring $10 as a donation to [name of alleged non-profit charity] to perform.
Me: ...
(I look up the alleged charity's form 990, a tax form charities must file. I find nothing.)
Me: Thank you for inviting me. I'm not finding [name of alleged non-profit charity]'s form 990, so because of the fee charged, I will not be attending.
Other person: (Launches into rant insulting me, protesting way too much: they know they are doing a bad thing.)

This is inspired by an actual exchange I had a few years ago on email. Actors never have to pay money upfront to honest agents and managers. Representatives make a percentage of the money you are paid for work.


Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer on Friday announced the launch of a new campaign aimed at warning aspiring actors and entertainers of scams in which managers and agents seek upfront payments and other fees for representation.

(from LA Officials Announce Crackdown on Agent and Manager Talent Scams). Be careful out there.

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