Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Universe Conspires in Your Favor

Whoever is born of sound mind has been naturally intended by Heaven for honest work and some kind of life. Whoever, therefore, wishes Heaven to be nice to him, will go after this work and this kind of life, and doggedly pursue it. For Heaven favors things it has itself begun. You were made by Nature for this purpose beyond anything else. What you do from your tender years on, what you talk about, mold, fit, dream, imitate, what you try very often, what you can do easily, what you are most of all good at, what you love beyond all else, what you would be unwilling to leave - this is clearly what Heaven, and the Rector of Heaven bore for you. To this extent therefore, Heaven will favor your beginnings, and will smile on your life.

- Marcillo Ficino, physician, The Book of Life, 1485

Peter Skagen sent me an advance reader copy of his book How to Succeed in Hollywood without really Acting and it opens with this, which felt very good to read. Have a wonderful New Years!


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this posted by David August at 10:00 AM 

comments: Awesome

# posted by Anonymous Thomas Roy : 11:04 AM  

Thank you.

# posted by Blogger David August : 11:47 AM  

How's the book?

# posted by Blogger Paul A Rose, Jr. : 5:58 PM  

@Paul, it's interesting. Aims to cut through the formalities, to cut to the chase so to speak. I'm still reading it.

# posted by Blogger David August : 7:44 PM  

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