Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Don't Feel Ready

You can do it. So can I. No matter what it is. But I don't always feel like it. And it is no fun. I like feeling like I can do something before I actually am doing it. A feeling of mastery is nice, really nice. And can feed confidence. But it doesn't always seem to visit as often as we (or at least I) would like.

Multiple characters in David Mamet movies have said "whatever one man can do another can do," and it is true all for men and women. You can, and maybe even already are, doing it. You still may not feel like it.

Sometimes things can feel bad without being bad. It can be a feeling, without being a fact. A corollary to things feeling good independently of whether they are good.

You will NEVER feel ready.
No matter how successful or experienced you become, when you are stepping up your game, it is uncomfortable.
If it were comfortable or easy, we could all become our most amazing fabulous selves from the comfort of our couch (and our pajamas).
But if you're ready to step it up a level and embrace your highest self, you are not going to feel ready.
It's just the way it is

(from I'm not ready).

You need not be perfect, you need only to be. Be what you are. You are enough. And your work, without being "ready" can be great. Your characters aren't ready. But they find themselves where they are, fighting for what they want, and what they need nonetheless. Do, whether you feel ready or not, act anyway. Know that you are ready, whether it feels like it or not. Take the leap, you are ready.

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