Monday, December 23, 2013

Don't Be Discouraged by People Who Don't Believe

A fatal flaw in the human condition is that even if there is a great likelihood that something is true, we don't want to believe it. A potentially fatal flaw for many creative people is to be brought down by the doubts of others. People without vision will likely never believe that things can change. But once it happens, no matter how great the tectonic shift, they are quick to accept this new reality as the one true reality. Anyone who has ever set out to do something even slightly outside the norm has been mocked, questioned, and ridiculed. Realize that people's doubts aren't a reflection on you, your abilities, or your ultimate outcome. They are just upset at their own lack of imagination and inability to step out of their comfort zone, and you become a walking reminder of those insecurities. Ignore the haters

(from Producer Adi Shankar 13 Rules For Breaking Into Hollywood). Build your work with your coalition of the eager. You can, and already are, doing this.

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comments: Amen to this!! Thank you! Wishing many successes into the 2014 year and breakthroughs!

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Thank you! Wishing you great success and all good things in 2014!

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