Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jon Kilik Rebuts Dire Predictions advice to us, all of us, from film students to Spielberg, Lucas and Soderbergh, all of us who make human movies that we care about, my advice is to ignore the prophecies, DON’T RETIRE, and keep on making films and showing films by any means available. Build and they will come.
So why the doom and gloom about the film industry? Yes it's true that movies have become a crass commercial commodity at times and studios have crowded these spectacles into theaters at a disproportional rate. But it's also true that sensitive, brave, personal, and courageous work is being done everyday. For every tent pole being built pixel by pixel in a Hollywood Laboratory, there is a young filmmaker like Benh Zeitlin going into the bathtub of New Orleans with a small cast and crew and a 16MM camera to create a uniquely personal vision. "Beasts of the Southern Wild" found its way all the way to the White House and to the Oscars. For every sequel that's being churned out, there is something new and original fighting to be born. It's never been harder and it's never been easier. I guess it's been like that all along

(from Producer Jon Kilik Rebuts Recent Comments By Soderbergh, Spielberg And Lucas In IFP Market Keynote).


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