Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Out of Town Pilots More Common

The Los Angeles area is losing its grip on TV pilot production, with New York, Vancouver and Atlanta all siphoning projects away this year, according to a report by FilmLA.
Just 52 percent of the shows produced this year in hopes of landing slots on network cable schedules were shot in L.A., the report said. That's down from 61 percent last year, barely better than the all-time low of 51 percent hit in 2011, and a far cry from the peak 82 percent level of 2007

(from L.A. TV Pilot Production Nearing All-Time Low). Don't go packing your bags yet. A non-small part of this is due to tax incentives that in many cases expire and will make other locales less appealing soon. Also, over half is still a good number. Don't panic, but also be ready to fly to your next pilot set.


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