Monday, April 09, 2012

Projects as Concept Cars

A concept car is something for which the user experience has been fully fleshed out, but the supporting technical detailing may or may not be there, and certainly all the layers that make up a whole product - sales, marketing, support, service - are nonexistent

(from metacool). Many projects are being put together without sales, marketing, support, service, and are falling short of their goals (business goals usually) because of it. I think it is worth considering whether or not a project is a fully fledged show, or just a concept project, a concept car. Nothing wrong with either, but worth knowing which you are involving yourself and your business in.

The whole point of having a strong point of view is to ship something remarkable.  And the reason we're here is to ship.  If you do have that strong point of view, believe in it first, and commit yourself to shipping.  Then - and only then - show off your concept car.

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