Friday, March 30, 2012

SAG-AFTRA Merger Approved

The memberships of SAG and AFTRA have approved the proposed merger of their unions; they are now the the single union called SAG-AFTRA.

The announcement of the results of the merger referendum was made at 1:35 pm in Los Angeles by SAG National President Ken Howard and AFTRA National President Roberta Reardon. The new union's web site at has more details on its structure and make up.

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this posted by David August at 12:55 PM 

comments: This is bullshit I voted no. My dues went up from 63 to 99 dollars. And for what? What do I get for this extra money? To carry a dumb card around in my wallet. I never get auditions or work so why do I have to pay more for nothing? I took years of work shops have an agent, am talented, have a great look have a reel on actors access, decent pictures a few credits on imdb and its worthless. And now I have to dish more money out that i work hard for at another job. Its like flushing it down the toilet.

# posted by Blogger james : 7:50 AM  

@James, perhaps Honorable Withdrawal is a good option for you if the $36 more is a hardship. That way you can spend an unlimited time without paying any dues and get reinstated if and when you want to work again. Contact your closest SAG-AFTRA office to coordinate how to honorably withdraw. Your nearest branch's contact information is at

Best of luck!

# posted by Blogger David August : 2:43 AM  

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