Monday, January 09, 2012

Finding Auditions During Pilot Season Without an Agent

This is a big topic and could cover more than one post. A friend asked about this, so I thought I'd share my preliminary ideas. Please leave a comment with yours.

Marketing directly to casting and producers is possible, but without a rep may lack the element of having someone casting trusts recommending you, and compensation for that lack is not always easy. Keep in mind also that Pilot Season is not as formal or big as it was in years past; many pilots shoot year round.

All that said, ideal methods without a rep often include things like being in a project that gets acclaim at acclaimed festivals (think Sundance and Cannes) in the weeks/months leading up to pilot season. Recent career developments can provide some marketing momentum and good footage that people may encounter organically or be open to viewing. Again, these can serve in part as the social proof that having a good rep would.

Knowing what casting problems one solves (who you are as an actor to the marketplace, not necessarily who you actually are as a human being or who you want to be as an actor), and finding a way to helpfully pitch for those moments is useful. Again, hard to cut through the noise of many many other people (reps, actors and others) vying for the casting director and producers' attention.

Knowing what the role breakdown for this season may look like is impossible before pilots get ordered and such, but last year's pilot season role breakdown can give some insight.

I posted before a partial list of where one may look for auditions oneself.

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