Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gold or Picks and Pans

In the 1848-1855 California gold rush, many made fortunes. It isn't usually pointed out that many who made fortunes were not prospectors, but sold prospectors what they needed to try to find gold and get it out of the ground: the picks, pans, shovels, and more. Headshots, reels, classes and such are our picks and pans. You are not your headshot, your reel, your starmeter rating, etc. Those are the tools, you are the gold.

Using the other meaning of this title, many who critique, cannot do. Many who pick and pan, are stopping themselves from being gold; be careful and gentle when criticizing others' work (and certainly your own).

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this posted by David August at 3:06 PM 

comments: I love both ways of looking at this. I think there is a lot of wisdom packed into these two little paragraphs. It is amazing how much time we can spend chasing after the big prize that is always out of reach without the tools necessary.

# posted by Anonymous Erik L. : 8:18 AM  

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