Thursday, April 08, 2010

SAG Leadership Mixed on AFTRA's call to merge

AFTRA's top officers are making a renewed push for a merger with SAG to create a single performers union with national scope.
In a two-page letter to members in the spring edition of AFTRA Magazine, the union's five top officers lay out a case for why SAG and AFTRA need to join forces to deal with dramatic marketplace changes and to better serve their respective members. Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have made attempts to merge in the past, most recently in 2003, but SAG members ultimately rejected the idea [back then] in a referendum vote [by a very narrow margin]

(from Variety).

An open letter from AFTRA's top brass calling for 'one media and entertainment union for all actors, performers and broadcast journalists' has met with mixed reaction from SAG leaders, with moderates hailing it as an important step and hard-liners sounding a note of caution

(from The Hollywood Reporter).

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