Thursday, October 29, 2009

Survey Results: Does Academy Players Directory Help You Book?

The results of my Academy Players Directory survey are in, and the news is not good for the Academy Players Directory. Only 22% of those in the Academy Players Directory believed it had helped them book. I'm debating if a 22% chance of my earning money back makes the expense worthwhile. The return of investment is large if one books, zero if one does not.

The first question was "Are you in Academy Players Directory?" The answers were 60% yes, 40% no:
question 1 results as a pie chart

The second question was "Has it helped you book?" Only 14% say yes, 42% say no and 42% say they didn't know:
question 2 results as a pie chart

It seems the Academy Players Directory may not help an actor book work as much as it once did. I think the real question becomes: can you do without the money and hope it pays off.

This wasn't an extremely scientific study, and the number of people answering was small (over the two weeks of the survey the were 15 answers for question one, 14 for question two).

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