Friday, October 23, 2009

Fox Changing Pilot Casting Process

Fox is changing the way it selects actors for pilots.
The network is phasing out traditional in-person network tests, in which finalists for each role audition for network executives who choose a winner.
Taking a page from the feature world, where screen tests are prevalent in casting a role, Fox is opting for taped network tests. After passing live tests for the producing studios, actors' performances are being filmed and sent to the network for judging.
Taped tests were embraced by new Fox entertainment chairman Peter Rice, who came to the network in March from the feature world, having headed Fox Searchlight.
He wanted to standardize the tests, [Marcia] Shulman said.
That led to Fox giving studios guidelines on what it's looking for in a test: actors should be off-book and free to move around, the test should include close-ups, etc.
Although employed across the board so far this season, the tests-on-tape rule allows for exceptions


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