Monday, February 09, 2009

Successful Auditions

I believe that actors have to find a way to enjoy themselves whether they book the job or not. We have to find ways to enjoy auditions, and as hard as it is, as counter intuitive as it is, we just can't make success or failure about booking the job. We have to make success or failure about enjoying ourselves. We have to enjoy the process of creating the character, preparing the audition, and then giving the people on the other side of the desk whatever our take on the character is. We absolutely cannot go in there and try to give them what we think they want. The way we stand out, and the way we enjoy it whether we are hired or not, is to take the material, prepare it, and find some way to make it our own

(from WWdN: In Exile).

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comments: Thank you for that great info.. Sue Rowe

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I think we should make the rest of corporate America try to sit in our shoes for a day...they would laugh. Sit everyone in a room to look at their own competition, but yet be nice to them, give them 2 minutes to impress the boss (memorized of course!), and be elated just to get a second interview. If they only knew....

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