Thursday, October 02, 2008

SAG Moves Toward Strike Authorization Vote

SAG wants to negotitiate, but producers refuse to talk, now SAG's Negotiating Committee advises the Board to hold a strike authorization vote:

A strike authorization vote of the membership is necessary to overcome the employers’ intransigence, and the Committee therefore recommends that the National Board authorize such a vote be taken; and further recommends:
That the National Board adopt a resolution strongly supporting such an action, and recommending that the membership vote in favor of a strike authorization; and
That the National Board endorse an educational campaign advocating a "yes" membership vote, to give the authority to the National Board to call a strike only if the National Board deems it necessary and unavoidable to do so

(from SAG needs 75% to authorize a strike (PDF). About 87% of SAG members want more negotiating, only 12.73% would accept the AMPTP's current offer.

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this posted by David August at 2:15 PM 

comments: 12% are the only ones that realize we've lost this round months ago and want to live and work as actors still. Game over, this time.

Take another look at it in 3 years; no working actor can afford to strike right now.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 1:54 AM  

But can a working actor afford to not get residuals for the next three years of work?

# posted by Blogger David August : 10:56 AM  

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