Friday, August 01, 2008

Video Changes Online

lg15 [LonelyGirl15] shutting down is symbolic of web video's changing landscape. When the show first started in June of 2006, the web video world was ruled by the users. Fueled by credit-card debt and filled with DIY spirit, Bre was going to lead a revolution, inspiring everyday people to rise up and smash the Hollywood machine. It was going to be freaking beautiful, man.
But in 2008, the story is much different. Hollywood has struck back. While YouTube is still top video dog, Hulu is the new belle of the Internet ball. Every major network has full episodes of their shows online (some of which are even in higher-def), and web videos now feature stars like Will Ferrell, Rosario Dawson and David Spade.


I think independent internet shows not only can still happen, but they are. There are now ways to pay your bills and find your audience that the first shows didn't have way back in 2006. Like Dr. Horrible has. Do you think the indy net show is dead, or that there remains untapped potential; please leave a comment.

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