Monday, June 30, 2008

SAG Contract Expires Today

The SAG Theatrical Contract expires today. The president of SAG said in a statement Sunday:

We have taken no steps to initiate a strike authorization vote by the members of Screen Actors Guild. Any talk about a strike or a management lockout at this point is simply a distraction. The Screen Actors Guild national negotiating committee is coming to the bargaining table every day in good faith to negotiate a fair contract for actors


Looks like a strike could not happen in July anyway: strike can take place until about Aug. 1 at the earliest. Guild leaders have yet to call for a strike authorization vote, which must be put before the entire membership and approved by 75 percent of voters

(from The New York Times).

Update 10:58 AM from SAG email:

All members should continue to report to work and to audition for new work past the expiration date until further notice from the Guild. Such work will be covered under the terms of the expired television and theatrical agreements.

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