Saturday, May 03, 2008

SAG, studios to talk Saturday

Following the first significant breakthrough in SAG's contract talks, the guild and the majors have made enough progress to plan on a return to the bargaining table Saturday.
The SAG talks had been scheduled to conclude Friday after three weeks of no major moves by either side, but the guild's willingness to ditch its DVD proposal led to both sides deciding at mid-morning to continue talks for another three sessions - pushing back AFTRA's negotiations for a second time after AFTRA OK'd the delay.
SAG hasn't yet announced a strike authorization vote for its 120,000 members. The guild's constitution requires that 75% of those voting approve the authorization for SAG to go on strike.
As for the companies, a SAG strike would immediately halt movie production and inject even more uncertainty into the entertainment business. Major studios are no longer greenlighting new features until a SAG agreement's in place; Hollywood still has not fully recovered from the 100-day writers strike; and showbiz is facing both a recession and the migration of TV viewers to the Internet
(from Variety).

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