Thursday, December 06, 2007

SC Johnson Might Pull Ads in Support of WGA?

Recent rumor has it that SC Johnson - Glade advertising executives have been feeling the heat from the public to pull all advertising from networks. Although a formal statement has not been issued, with networks turning to reruns and reality programming to fill time slots, advertisers may begin pulling advertising.
Some ad execs have stated that if viewers stop watching, which is common with reruns, that they may not only pull ads, but request that studios reimburse them for ad moneys already allocated to networks
(from I have an email into SC-Johnson asking for their comments.

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this posted by David August at 2:59 AM 

comments: That is a very interesting aspect I had not quite thought of. Normally I do not agree with most strikes (aka the grocery strike a few years ago.) It seems that a lot of strikes and end up hindering the workers on strike more than the corporates. However, in regards to this strike I could not be more for the writer's union. I hope that advertisers pull out and request monies back. It would, I think, help bring a bigger heat upon the studios to resolve this matter faster. The last thing I want is more reality shows out there! And the WGA are not making unreasonable requests.

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