Friday, May 18, 2007

48 + 48 + 1 = submission

Update 2012: postage rates have gone up again.

At a post office in Hollywood, I found there isn't yet a 97 cent stamp available. Nor can you add a first class letter stamp to a postcard stamp, as you used to, to reach the amount needed to mail a headshot (24+39=63 which was what it cost before Monday). You can do one of three things to get to exact postage:

Yes, one can simply spend 3 cents more and buy $1 stamps, but after mailing ten submissions a week for fifty weeks (maybe a year's worth) you'd spend $15 more than you'd need to spend on postage... and I'd rather go to one and a half movies instead. Anyone have a postage meter I can borrow?

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this posted by David August at 4:25 PM 

comments: Thanks David, I was actually wondering today how much a headshot submission would be. I had to just over pay with what I had in the house: a 39 cent and a 69 cent stamp.

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