Friday, April 20, 2007

Let's Flip It Quote

next time we have an awesome show where people are belly-laughing in the aisles and we have to hold position for five full minutes while waves of applause swell in anticipation of our next can-do-no-wrong move, let's not come up to each other and say "good show" after, nor leave comments quoting back witticisms. instead, we'll give a little nod and head to our cars and... it up for...
next time we have a mediocre show (which inevitably is often the one more friends come to watch) and afterward, when we can't think of much to say, we'll gather people to lift each other onto our shoulders and parade ourselves around. we'll all gush over how hilarious we are and quote back the worst lamest lines as though they're the cleverest things we've heard all week. then we'll leave myspace glitter graphics like "You're the Best!" and "Hey, Shiny Star!" and stuff like that
(from Melissa Sorrentino's MySpace bulletin posted earlier this week).


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