Friday, April 20, 2007

Free Performance Space in Hollywood

I am now helping book some nights at The Tre Stage in Hollywood for improv/sketch shows and the like.
It's a small black box theater on La Brea just north of Sunset. You have to supply your own audience. (It is one of two theaters actually, the Next Stage & The Tre Stage.)
The beauty of it, is it is FREE. You will not be charged for the space at any time. You simply have to give the money you make at the door back to the theater.
So, even if you hate it, it's free... and who doesn't want their troupe to perform?
Please contact me here or at
Please let me know what your schedule is like, what your troupe is like, ideally, how much time you would like on stage. We can start booking pretty quickly, Saturdays especially.
I love this stage and I want to bring some improv to it.
Rock on.
Some very basic photos of the stage can be seen at:
This is all I know about this; caveat actor (or rather producer).


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