Friday, February 16, 2007

SAG's New Initiation Fee

Los Angeles (February 15, 2007)-In a national vote completed today, members of Screen Actors Guild voted overwhelmingly to approve a dues and initiation fee increase.
The Guild’s initiation fee will rise from $1,474 to $2,211 effective February 16, 2007 (many branch offices will continue to have lower initiation fees in place)
(from The vote is counted yesterday, and the change is effective today.


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this posted by David August at 11:19 AM 

comments: It's about time a union that makes no effort to get their members work and that won't provide health insurance for over 70% of its members and that worked out a deal where their members get paid pennies per cable play to charge higher dues!

This will mean that getting that first commercial might pay for over half the cost of the forced-join!

I encourage SAG members to revolt, or keep taking the hot iron sharply up the ass, as they've voted for so many times before.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 9:15 PM  

not fair to new actors...

# posted by Blogger Unknown : 10:29 AM  

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