Monday, December 18, 2006

Stats on Submissions

Casting director Bonnie Gillespie shares some numbers from a recent casting (she points out ...this is all Actor Mind Taffy, so don't overthink any of this. Just enjoy and observe.):
Of the actors we saw at prereads, 75% use staples to attach their headshots and resumés, 12% do NOT attach them, 6% print the resumés onto the backs of the headshots, 3% glue them on, and another 2% brought no resumé at all (just a photo). Only eight actors didn't bring a headshot at all! Word's getting out!
About 3% of actors don't have contact information on their headshots and resumés. And 72% of actors trim their resumés to the size of their headshots. Only 13% of actors have horizontal headshots (another 8% do that cool horizontal on the vertical style I love so much). Color headshots came in at a whopping 92%.

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