Thursday, August 17, 2006

Acting, Stocks, War and Calm

In reading a book this week, I came across the description of the stock market being similar to the common description of war: long periods of boredom interrupted by episodes of pure terror.

It strikes me that this is very close to the experience of an actor. Going to or from auditions, submitting p/r to projects, learning lines, and most of what fills an actor's day, is largely logistics: fairly boring. But at the audition, at the rehearsal, or between the 'Action' and 'Cut' is, to paraphrase David Mamet's True and False, to face uncertainty with courage. He refers to the person who will not be swayed, who perseveres no matter what. The observation of the extremes of acting, and of the link between courage and tenacity, gives me some type of calm. That, and I'm trying to kick a cold. So I thought I'd share.

And here's an inspirational/conciliatory quote from a non-actor:
No matter how difficult things get, you're going to be OK. It's very important to realize that.
(from Bob Parsons' 16 Rules for Survival).


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