Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Get Up When You Have Nothing Left and Push On

Faith is being able to see the unseen and believe in it's ability to manifest itself. That you can put in the work and consistency, take the action necessary on that belief and make it known. Bring it to life. It's how it's always been with everything you've done in the last few years, even the things considered by some to be crazy or undoable [sic]. But there's always that other moment, after taking the actions, when the obstacles are truly approached and the universe sets up that particular gap in the road for a decision. The sacrifice that has to be made and what you are willing to go through, give up or endure in order to make the miracle happen. To, in fact, become the miracle. Something worth fighting for. Something worth trying for. Something that becomes, in itself, the reward just for striving for. To get up when you have nothing left and push on and-

(from David Spaltro's status: And you crashed hard).


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