Saturday, September 28, 2013

Activity is Not Accomplishment

Never confuse movement with action.

- Ernest Hemingway

We are all busy, but what are we getting done? Often it may be just the daily tasks that make our lives run. Groceries, laundry, sleep. We like to eat, wear clothes and be rested, so these make sense. But many other things, don't.

I've mentioned before value of quitting unproductive things but today I'd like share some quick thoughts on what we do that may not do much. Getting likes on Facebook may not directly lead to bookings. But an effective social media presence can. Going to class everyday may not instantly get you a paid role. But delivering well honed skills between action and cut might. Reading another script may not translate the day into working on set. But understanding story and characters may make you easier to book.

As I mentioned earlier this week about commitment, balance counts. Knowing where to keep the balance between ruthless abandonment of the un-useful and the dedicated follow-thru on beneficial things may not be easy, or always apparent. But take the leap of faith and do what you can, no more no less. Break a leg.


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