Thursday, June 27, 2013

Downtime Between Gigs

There will be times when there is no work, and the tendency is to believe that life, that progress, has halted. This is both untrue and fatal: We are always able-required, really-to develop and to share. This is one of the ministries to which we are committed: To be the fullest people we can possibly be. We must develop our minds and our hearts and our souls. We should always be pouring into ourselves philosophy and art and religion and culture and language, and we should always be pouring out to others what we've learned. This, too, is work. It is necessary. And when we are called on to be whatever it is that we do, we will be better at the craft, we'll be better friends, we'll be better people.

- Irene Worth
Downtime is temporary, work is coming, get ready, hone, live life.


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