Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rule Breaking Headshots

We want YOU. We want the shot to be a window into your soul, giving us the essence of who are you. We believe the future of headshot photography, will become similar to your facebook shot. That is the shot that your friends and family comment on by saying, "that is so YOU." The headshots we are attracted to are UNTRADITIONAL. They don't follow "rules." In fact, sometimes we can't even see the actor's eyes; but we know who that person is. And we know we have to bring them in, because we are interested in meeting the guy with the guitar, or really intrigued with the woman who has the shoe in her mouth

(from 5 Things to Make or Break Your Film and TV Acting Career by Rick Pagano and Russell Boast, via Lia Fischer).


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this posted by David August at 2:44 PM 

comments: This is some revolutionary stuff!

# posted by Blogger Frederic Doss : 10:12 PM  

It does differ from some of the "wisdom" many spout. Each casting director likely has different preferences. I know one who likes vivid, saturated colors in headshots.

As with many elements of acting, there are many opinions floating around, many of which are not particularly useful.

# posted by Blogger David August : 1:09 AM  

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